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October books

Better late than never, yeah? Here's what I read in October:

1. Personal, Lee Child (audiobook)

A reread - I'm finding that I like the Reacher books just as much in audio format.

2. Double Indemnity, James Cain (audiobook)

A shining example of noir, and made for a great audiobook - really great all the way around (voice, plot, characters), and left me uneasy and a little anxious for no good reason.

3. The Shepherd's Crown, Terry Pratchett

I put off reading this, because - last Terry Pratchett book (cue sobbing.) Then I started reading it, but kept putting it down and being reluctant to get back to it cause - last Terry Pratchett book (more sobbing.)

In the end, I read the parts I needed most just when I needed them most. Let's just say: I related even more than usual to Tiffany this time 'round.

Warning: the afterward will slay you.

4. The Postman Always Rings Twice, James Cain (audiobook)

Double Indemnity is actually the better story - this one has a lot of the same elements, but lacks a little of the narrative drive. Or something. Or maybe it's just because I read Double Indemnity first.

5. High Heat & Small Wars, Lee Child

Lumping these two novellas together - High Heat was the better of the two, however hard to believe that Reacher's tactical skills were this developed pre-military (and at age 17), but it was just delightfully fun.

6. The Secret Life of Pronouns, James W. Pennebaker

What is this ... languistic sociology? Whatever name it goes by, I love it.

7. Walking Wounded, Olivier Morel (graphic novel)

Visually, very striking - and emotionally powerful. 



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Nov. 18th, 2015 11:16 am (UTC)
If the movies are any indicator (I've seen both), Double Indemnity is WAY more solid of a story.
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