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August Booklist

1. Loose Girl, Kerry Cohen

    A "memoir of promiscuity", this book is nothing but sad. Although Ms Cohen eventually realizes how deadening and empty her life of casual sex was, she never really grasps WHY promiscuity isn't fulfilling. That leaves the ending almost as sad as the rest of the book. (warning: though tastefully presented, the subject matter means that this is not a book for everyone.)

2. Little Brother, Cory Doctorow
    Best book I read this month - and I read it online for free, thanks to Doctorow's views on copyright, for which I love him forever. In a way I think it's a present-day version of 1984, and most worthy of reading for the moral and political issues discussed alone - nevermind that it's also a cracking good read.

3. For Women Only, Shaunti Feldhahn
    So I found a stash of Christian relationship books for cheap at a thrift store, right? And usually I'm not too impressed by them, but I'm always curious what they say, and I knew I could sell them on half.com or trade them at Paperbackswap. This one ... eh. Fairly shallow, with no startling revelations but several good reminders. She speaks very much in generalities, and I would suggest giving it to your guy and see where he thinks it applies to him ... and where it doesn't. Men are individuals too, you know. =P

4. Remember Me? Sophie Kinsella
    A fluff of a read that was adiquate as a time-killer but, in retrospect, lacking any real worthwhile reasons to read, considering my other options.

5. Boy Meets Girl, Joshua Harris
    Okay, those who told me this was better than I Kissed Dating Goodbye were right, and I so much appreciate that he does admit that different people will have different circumstances and that there's no One Right Way to have a relationship. But the principles he sets forth are good and worthy of pondering how to implement them in your own particular circumstances.
6. Sarah, Plain and Tall, Patricia MacLachlan
    An old one, a good one, and one worthy of rereading.

7. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
    Why yes, I prefer to wait to read massively popular books until the series is complete. :) Okay, maybe that's not my official modus operendi, but it's worked with Harry Potter and Twilight and now these. I certainly enjoyed this one (read it in basically two days) - it's fast-paced, thoughtful, and keeps the you on the edge of your seat - but I wouldn't say that it grabbed me in the way that my very favorites do. I liked Katniss and Gale and Peeta, but I don't feel compelled to pick a team. :)

 8. Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins
      Finished this last night at midnight. NOW SOMEBODY GIVE ME MOCKINGJAY.

Books from the stack: 3



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Sep. 1st, 2010 01:55 pm (UTC)
I've read Loose Girl, Remember Me? and For Women Only, and I 110% agree with all of your reviews! You have such great reading variety and taste, I shoot for that too.
Sep. 1st, 2010 09:06 pm (UTC)
It like knowing you thought the same - it makes me feel more confident in my analysis. :)
Sep. 1st, 2010 02:05 pm (UTC)
* I love how you share the #'s of books from the stack. :)

* Yay! So glad you liked Boy Meets Girl. I've never read I've Kissed Dating Goodbye, but all the comments I heard about that one didn't jive with so much of what I appreciated in BMG. I wonder if him simply being older and having gone through a relationship made the difference between the two books.

* Funny about For Women Only, because it is one of the relationship books that helped the most early on for us. Men are individuals, yeah, but some of the principles in that book (men *do* value respect, they're not always as confident as they look, etc.) were very good reminders.
Hm.. after re-reading your review comments, I've realized that actually we're more in agreement on the book than I initially thought. ;) The writing is not the best, but I still would recommend this one to really young wives who haven't spent much time thinking about how very different men are from women and what men (in general) need most from their wives.
Sep. 1st, 2010 09:08 pm (UTC)
I'm surprised anyone still remembers what the stack is. :D (I'm not doing well at whittling it down at ALL. o_O)

Yes, I think him actually going through courtship, engagement, and marriage changed his ideas somewhat. BMG was a lot more practical.

And yes, I think we do basically agree. :) I'm not disputing that much of what she said was true, but I would want to know what MY guy thinks, for his is the only opinion that would matter.
Sep. 1st, 2010 03:01 pm (UTC)
I look forward to reading "The Hunger Games."

Thanks for posting this. :)
I always like reading what you have to say about books.
Probably why I'm also friends with you on GoodReads... ;)
Sep. 1st, 2010 09:09 pm (UTC)
I'm so very glad to have bookish friends to compare notes with! :D
Sep. 1st, 2010 06:32 pm (UTC)
I found "For Women Only" to be very helpful to me when relating to men in general (when I was at Bible college, for example, where relationships with the opposite sex get sooo messed up), but when I let Levi look at it, he hated how the book lumped all sorts of guys together. That was some of the best marriage-book advice anyone gave me: make sure that I'm learning how to be a better wife to MY husband, not every single other husband in the world. :D
Sep. 1st, 2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
relationships with the opposite sex get sooo messed up

Oh gosh, I bet!

And yeah, that's exactly right. Learn to love your husband in the way that HE needs, not how anyone else tells you to. :)
Sep. 1st, 2010 10:27 pm (UTC)
I Kisssed Dating Goodbye
You might find my blog of interest where I critique Josh Harris's book.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye: Wisdom or Foolishness?

Unfortunately Josh Harris is quick to point out the problems with dating but reluctant to share any of the problems with his approach.

Hope this helps.
Sep. 1st, 2010 10:34 pm (UTC)
Re: I Kisssed Dating Goodbye
Actually, I had already stumbled across your blog, but thanks!
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 2nd, 2010 10:05 am (UTC)
I've listened to fellow librarians rave about it and discuss every last bit of it for over a year now, so I figured it was time. :D I bet you'll get your hands on Mockingjay before I do, though ... we have a long hold list! =\
Sep. 2nd, 2010 03:28 am (UTC)
I just borrowed The Hunger Games from the library and I'm keen to read it :).

I agree with your thoughts on Boy Meets Girl. I feel that, if Josh Harris' books are translated as rule books, then they are destined to fail. But for principles, they are really fantastic.
Sep. 2nd, 2010 10:08 am (UTC)
Ooo, post and let me know what you think!
Sep. 3rd, 2010 05:08 pm (UTC)
We have mutual friends and interests, may I add you as a friend?
Sep. 3rd, 2010 05:42 pm (UTC)
But of course! Nice to meet you. :)
( 15 comments — Leave a comment )