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From Twitter 05-12-2010

  • 11:20:32: at the Phoenix zoo now and I decided that I want to have children just so I can take them to the zoo. #roadtrip2010 #fb
  • 15:32:20: We've apparently carried an ant with us all the way through four states in six days. We named him Jules Verne. #roadtrip2010 #fb
  • 16:00:32: Stopped for a DQ blizzard, saved the world from comma abuse. No more 'restroom check's.' #roadtrip2010 #fb
  • 17:03:36: In the desert, surrounded by giant cactus. #roadtrip2010 #fb
  • 20:38:46: so far, tucson is confusing. We're staying in a 1920s apartment, but hanging out in a posh italian restaurant. Later tonight : observatory!
  • 20:44:10: We're in an organic, local food restaurant. It's part of the slow food movement. And so far we're been waiting 15 min. for a glass of water.

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May. 13th, 2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
Oohh...A DQ. That sounds so good!

LOL @ Jules Verne. Reminds me of the time Justin and I were in town and we had a froggy hanging on the side of my window the whole time. Poor, little guy.
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