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From Twitter 04-29-2010

  • 08:16:09: Last night I dreamed that I found something that is lost. Dream, please come true.
  • 12:12:25: My avocado is, alas, just not very good.
  • 16:19:00: Also have new twitter picture in honor of #roadtrip2010. w00t!
  • 16:35:41: Attempting to link my facebook and twitter accounts in preparation for #roadtrip2010 #fb
  • 16:55:05: ...aaand, so far, Twitter/Facebook FAIL.
  • 21:06:41: @GeoffPaulson If all goes as planned, I'll be able to text to twitter, which will update Facebook and also put a feed on LJ. IF it works.
  • 21:07:35: Note to Gaiman fans: @mr_nancy is tweeting from inside American Gods. Follow him!
  • 21:19:58: Another test tweet - will this link to facebook? #fb
  • 21:25:39: Success! Victory is mine!
  • 21:33:29: I'm so happy that #1b1t (One Book, One Twitter) picked American Gods. Almost tempted to take it on #roadtrip2010 even tho I read it recently

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