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I learned how to play chess. Sort of. I suppose I should say that I begin learning how to play chess. I got beaten badly, but I think I'm catching on to the concept of the game. 'Tis fun. It's also made me want a Lord of the Rings chess set Very Badly even more then I had wanted it before. Although I'd settle for one of the type I played with today: glass. Beautiful clear glass and frosted glass, and the sun shining through it all and making it positively sparkle...ahhh. This is the stuff that my Indescrible Moods are made of.

Now, not because I am following the current trend, but because I want to--

[name] Mari
[age] 19
[status] happily enjoying being nineteen.
[location] somewhere where I am mostly happy but could be better (as are most people)
[eye color] blue and sometimes sort of grey-ish
[height] 5'2" 1/2
[heritage] Swiss, with a dash of French.
[last cd i listened to] PDQ Bach
[artist i have the most albums of] Currently I don't have more then one CD of any artist. I'm always open to more Bocelli, though. =)
[last time i turned on the radio] Unfortunately, it's been almost three weeks. *is afraid she's missing all the good political commentary of her favorite Talk Show Hosts* Quite a switch to visit a house where they don't watch much news and don't listen to the radio.
[last place i drove to] probably church.
[last vacation i took] I'm on one!
[most beautiful place i've ever been to] Parts of Colorado, Virginia, and...here.
[country i would never want to visit] I have no desire to ever go to any part of Africa.
[year of my life i would never live over] From December 2002 to around June of this year.
[last movie i saw in the theatre] The Two Towers.
[worst roommate] Never had an official roommate. Thankfully.
[most paranoid about] Health issues and computer problems. *grin*
[the person i tell the juicy stuff to first] My Crypic Twin.
[best online friend] Most of my "best" online friends are also my best IRL friends.
[number of jackets i own] A heavy coat, a trench coat, a suit jacket, and two or three regular types of jackets.
[type of car i wish i had] Silver Sebring JXI.
[dream job] Working with food or books in some way.
[fave pen] I have lots of favorites.
[countries i have been to] Many in my dreams.
[other languages i know phrases in] Italian, German, Spanish, French, and Latin.
[other language i would love to learn] Italian. But I'm going to work on Spanish first.

(for you to fill out, about me)
[how long I have known Marie]
[one thing I know about Marie]
[one thing I have figured out about Marie]
[one thing that I want to know about Marie]
[one thing Marie should know]
[thing I would like to say about whoever Marieends up with]



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Sep. 9th, 2003 03:28 pm (UTC)
LotR chess sets rule.


But of course I would never play the baddies. ~_^
Sep. 9th, 2003 06:16 pm (UTC)
I want to learn to play chess... and LOTR CHESS SETS! NUMMY!
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 11th, 2003 10:07 am (UTC)
[one thing Marie should know] She will be Very Missed when she's gone. :-(

I know what you meant, but I thought I'd reassure everyone that I'm not intending to die anytime soon. But I'll miss you too when I leave your house!
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